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Ekadashi Dates for the year 2016

Date              Day             Month               Paksh                Name of Ekadashi
17th April            Sunday           Chaitra                  Shukla paksh           Paap Mochini
03rd May             Tuesday          Baishakh                Krishna paksh         Varuthini Ekadashi
17th May             Tuesday          Baishakh                 Shukla paksh          Mohini Ekadashi
1st June              Wednesday      Jyeshtha                Krishna paksh         Apra Bhadrakali Ekadashi
16th June            Thursday         Jyeshtha                Shukla paksh           Nirjala Ekadashi
1st July                Friday            Ashadh                   Krishna paksh          Yogini Ekadashi
15th July              Friday            Ashadh                   Shukla paksh           Devshayani Ekadashi
30th July             Saturday        Shravana                Krishna paksh          Kamda Ekadashi
14th August          Sunday           Shravana                Shukla paksh           Putrada Ekadashi
28th August         Sunday           Bhadrapad               Krishna paksh          Ajaa Ekadashi  
13th September    Tuesday         Bhadrapad               Shukla paksh           Padma Ekadashi
26th September    Monday          Ashvin                    Krishna paksh         Indira Ekadashi
12th October        Wednesday     Ashvin                    Shukla paksh           Papankusha Ekadashi
26th October        Wednesday    Kartik                    Krishna paksh          Rama Ekadashi
11th November       Friday           Krtik                      Shukla paksh           Devprabodhini Ekadashi
25th November      Friday           Margshirsh             Krishna paksh          Utpattika Ekadashi
10th December      Saturday        Margshirsh             Shukla paksh           Mokhda Ekadashi
24th December      Saturday        Paush                     Krishna paksh         Safala Ekadashi
9th January           Monday          Paush                     Shukla paksh           Putrada Ekadashi
23rd January         Monday          Magh                      Krishna paksh         Shattila Ekadashi
7th February         Tuesday          Magh                     Shukla paksh          Jaya Ekadashi   
22nd February       Wednesday     Falgun                    Krishna paksh         Vijaya Ekadashi
8th March             Wednesday      Falgun                    Shukla paksh          Amla Ki Ekadashi
24th March            Friday            Chaitra                  Krishna paksh         Paapmochini Ekadashi

Ekadashi is the name of Goddes that arose from the Lord Vishnu to fight and defeat the demon Mura.
When Goddess Ekadashi defeated The demon Mura then Lord Vishnu pleased and blessed her that anyone who will observe Ekadashi fast will be free from all their
sins and will attain moksha (salvation).

How to observe Ekadashi was narrated by Lord Krishna to Arjuna which is mentioned in
Bhavishyottara Purana.

When to start

Lord Krishna adviced Arjuna to begin Ekadashi fasting in the Autumn season with Utpanna Ekadashi (also said as Uttpatti Ekadashi).
It comes in Hindu month Margsheersh Krishna paksh 11th day, which comes normally during November- December every year.

Ekadashi means eleven in Sanskrit. Every lunar month during waxing phase of moon (Shukla paksh) 11th day and during waning phase of moon
11th day is called ekadashi tithi (date). Every month there are two day of Ekadashi.

What to do and what not to do...

If fasting is for 24hrs, it gives reward of bliss.
Do not eat rice or any food made with rice, grains, honey, egg or meat.
Do not apply oil on your body for the day.
Do not sleep during day.
Some people take a single meal on day before Ekadasi and do not take anything on Ekadashi.
Those who are doing partial fasting can consume fruit and milk.

How to do Ekadashi pooja

Wake up and take bath in morning.
Light a lamp in front of lord Vishnu's picture or idol.
Offer Gangajal, Tulsi leaves and banana.
Pray to him to visit in the picture/ idol and in your vision.
You may read Ashtottarsatnam or Vishnu Sahasranam.
Then pray to him for the peace and sinfree life.
You may visit to any nearby temple for darshan.

Next day get up early in the morning and light up a lamp and offer prayer to Lord Vishnu and break the fast by milk/juice and take normal

Important: If you are sick and have health issues then please consult your doctor before starting fasting. In shastras ill devotees need not
to do what can make them more ill.

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