Saiamit Astrologer

Here is my sincerely felt testimonial for your astrological services

"I have known Amitji for about 8 yrs now and have been taking his guidance at all crucial junctures of life and
profession. His forecasts and advice have been pretty good most of the times. The best thing I have appreciated and
respected him for is his unbiased, objective and professional approach to my queries/concerns. He will tell you what
the stars indicate and give you a practical advice regardless of your biases/concerns or any prior knowledge about
you/your family etc. Besides being an expert at his subject, he is also a man of high integrity. As it is feared of some
people in this profession, he will never try to misguide you or take advantage in any manner. His only concern and
objective is your total satisfaction. Thank you Amitji for all your advice. I would continue to reach out to you in the
future as well."

Chennai, India


Rizwan Gouri
63 Rsahtriya Rifles
C/O 56 APO

(a) I know Mr. Saiamit for 1 yr i.e. Oct 08.Before Oct 08 i was having so much of problem in my family life, feeling of
loneliness in myself, insecurity in my profession, even my ideas were mot matching with my spouse. Luckily somebody
gave me his phone number.

(b) When I talked to him 1st time it was really impressive. You listened to me carefully with cool and peace of mind
for about one hour. Then you asked few questions and subsequently you gave me advice, suggestions, remedies and
something to improve in myself also. I am telling you that I followed him very honestly and religiously. After 2-3
months I started feeling change in my life and it has totally changed. Now things are totally different and favourable.

(c) I am very much impressed with kind of his knowledge in this field. Your intuition power is remarkably wonderful.
The remedies which you tells are very genuine easy to follow specially in today's environment where the people are
having no time. Here I would also like to appreciate his kind of knowledge in VASTU, NUMEROLOGY & REIKI

(d) I have no words how to thank him. I don't know how to describe his qualities. Overall he is a very nice, honest,
transparent person. Such kind of people are asset to the NATION.

Lastly I wish him a happy, joyful and cheerful life.
With warm regards
Nasirabad, Rajasthan, India


I can summarise my whole experience with Amitji as follows:

" If you are looking for purely honest guidance, answers of your problems with reasons, satisfaction to the depth,  NO
commercial attitude, knowledge based background, NO  non-sense remedies, and a pure delight to talk to a real
gentleman, then please invest your time and money to the right place and that is Amitji's consultancy. "

After very long i have found somebody who is doing good work without being commercial and fooling people.

Thank you Amitji for all your guidance.

Best regards

New Delhi, India
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